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McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Laptops


Prevent data loss using powerful encryption and strong access control


With data breaches on the rise, it is important for companies to protect their information assets and comply with privacy regulations. McAfee Endpoint Encryption™ delivers powerful encryption and strong access control features that prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data and stop information loss and exposure.


Key Benefits:

  • Protect a broad range of data on all devices

    Provide consistent protection for data on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, removable media and portable storage devices.

  • Keep employees productive

    Maintain operational efficiency with transparent encryption and decryption that causes virtually no interruption to users or system performance.

  • Simplify security management

    Implement and enforce company-wide security policies that control data encryption and user authentication—all from a central console.

  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

    Decrease security costs with an integrated, end-to-end security solution a single vendor; leverage existing systems and security products.

  • Seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure

    Integrate with other McAfee security products and synchronize with Active Directory, LDAP, PKI, and others; support all Windows operating systems and common languages.


Key Benefits:

  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC

    Prevent loss of sensitive data on laptops and mobile devices, especially in the event of equipment loss or theft; enforce strong access control with two- and three-factor preboot authentication.

  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Removable Media (Extension to File/Folder)

    Protect information saved on removable devices and media that can connect to enterprise endpoints; read, edit and save encrypted data without installing any software.

  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mobile

    Secure mobile devices by preventing unauthorized use or access to data on the devices; encrypt standard applications: contacts, calendar, tasks, emails, etc.

  • McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Virtual Disk

    Extend security across virtualized environments including shared platforms, networks and devices; define and encrypt personal virtual disks that are fully portable and easily controlled.

McAfee Secure USB


Secure USB Storage – Avoid a Moving Liability


USB drives, because of their small size and portability, are great for storage, but they are also a security officer's biggest nightmare. Individuals walk out of their offices with large amounts of sensitive corporate data stored on portable USB drives that they tuck away in their pockets or briefcases, unaware of the security risk they pose to their organization if the drives are lost or stolen.


Key Benefits:

  • Track and manage encrypted USB storage devices company-wide using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™) for automated security reporting, auditing, monitoring, and policy administration

    Deploy and manage the McAfee range of encrypted USB devices across your enterprise from a single, centralized console, improving corporate security while reducing total-cost-of-ownership.

  • Ensure compliance with corporate security policies, data privacy legislation, and industry regulations through use of encrypted USB devices

    Implement and enforce company-wide security polices that ensure data stored on devices is protected.

  • Provide data mobility without compromising security policies

    Use McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices to help avoid brand damage, customer distrust, noncompliance penalties, competitive disadvantage, and financial losses by securing data no matter where it travels.

  • Control data access with strong, two-factor authentication

    Use built-in user access control to restrict and authorize who can read data stored on McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices.

  • Secure data with industry-leading encryption algorithms and certifications for strong protection

    Protect data stored on McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices with automated, transparent AES-256 encryption and FIPS-140-2 certification


Key Benefits:

  • Centralized management with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator® (ePO™)

    Extend company-wide security policies to USB drives, ensuring data stored on these devices is protected if they are lost or stolen. Initialize any McAfee Encrypted USB device simply by plugging the device into any McAfee ePO-managed machine with its unique "no-touch" initialization capabilities.

  • Standard driverless secure USB flash storage

    Protect sensitive information on McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices wherever it travels with built-in strong user access controls and data encryption

  • Fast transfer speeds and "on-the-fly" encryption

    Supports fast USB 2.0 transfer speeds; data is encrypted "on-the-fly," with no special training required by the end user

  • Driverless zero footprint technology

    Gain maximum flexibility with encrypted USB storage devices that feature no client footprint; no software installation or administrator's rights are needed

  • Two-factor authentication

    Require employees to use a password and a second form of identification, such as a fingerprint, to access their data on encrypted USB storage devices; a maximum number of authentication retries may be set to counter brute-force attacks

  • Secure token services

    Keep identities secure while enabling McAfee Encrypted USB storage devices to provide corporate and personal credential validation and protection

  • Install and run applications directly and securely from the USB device.

    Allow users to conveniently and securely run applications wherever they go

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders


Now there's a way to keep confidential files secure wherever they move through your organization and wherever they are saved. Fully integrated with Windows®, McAfee Encryption for files & folder requires no action on the part of the end user and is completely transparent. McAfee Encryption for Files & Folders prevents even your IT staff from viewing confidential files.


Key Features:

  • Supports all commonly used tokens and smart cards for an added level of protection

  • Unique key-sharing mechanisms that allows users to share access to files securely

  • Integration with Active Directory®, Novell®, PKI and more

  • Secure recovery mechanisms with worldwide support

  • Support for multiple algorithms including AES-256


Key Benefits:

  • Transparent file & folder encryption

  • Share and move files without limitations

  • Encryption travels with the files

  • Central deployment and administration



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