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McAfee Total Protection for Compliance uses agent-based and agentless technology to audit, assess, and report across managed and unmanaged systems, reducing the time and effort required for IT audits from weeks to days.


The Total Protection for Compliance suite includes McAfee Policy Auditor, McAfee Vulnerability Manager, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform, McAfee Labs Global Threat Intelligence service, and McAfee Risk Advisor with countermeasure-aware risk management.


Optimize your security investment — Our integrated solution proactively combines threat, vulnerability, and countermeasure information to pinpoint assets that are truly at risk. It takes the guesswork out of when and where to focus your security efforts, saving you time and money.


Total protection through unified IT policy auditing — Our single solution defines, assesses, and reviews policies across the widest range of devices and systems. By eliminating standalone processes and integrating critical tools, Total Protection for Compliance boosts efficiency and reduces the window of noncompliance.


Integrated technology — Integrated agent-based and agentless scanning and reporting give you deep policy assessments on host systems for automated snapshots of compliance. Total Protection for Compliance further extends compliance coverage across your network into policy settings for account, file, network, and system access.


Comprehensive support — Assessments and reports include content for PCI DSS, SOX, FDCC, FISMA, HIPAA, and many more.


Simplified compliance — With customized policies and checks, you can target a specific group of assets, select a template, and conduct an audit.


Features and Benefits

  • Reduce costs with centralized management of security and compliance

    Automate all risk and compliance activities under the centralized management of the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) platform. Use this shared platform to deploy, manage, and report on system security and policy compliance in both agent-based and agentless systems. Define and select a policy benchmark once, then apply it across many different asset types.

  • Reduce audit time

    Automate time-consuming auditing tasks on both host and network systems. Successfully pass external audits using internal reports.

  • Get real-time compliance accuracy

    Assess compliance levels against regulations and standards with built-in support for benchmarks like XCCDF and OVAL content. Ensure data is always current for internal and external audits.

  • Add intelligence to protection

    Correlate threat information with vulnerabilities and deployed countermeasures to understand your risk posture and where to focus remediation efforts.

  • Demonstrate measurable ROI for existing security products

    Illuminate the positive impact of multilayered defenses as threats materialize.

  • Improve operational efficiencies

    Reduce patching costs by automating the manual and time-consuming process of correlating threats to critical assets at risk.



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